Frequently Asked Questions


1Is DERMABON a soap?
NO, DERMABON is a mix of several moisturizers and skin conditioners, the active ingredient is Coal Tar which gives it the dark color. So, even though it looks like soap, it shouldn’t be substituted for general cleansing of the entire body. The soap shape is a great discovery though, and an improvement from the original formula that was a cream. With its “soap-like” form, DERMABON is easier to use, and the absorption rate in the skin is higher and faster.
2Will I be cured of Psoriasis by using DERMABON?
Psoriasis is a genetic disease, meaning it’s not curable. Using DERMABON you can “control” up to 100% of your psoriatic symptoms including the reduction of red and raised lesions, but you are never technically cured. After fully controlling your lesions, we recommend the continued use of the treatment to avoid the formation of new psoriatic plaques.
3Is DERMABON the right treatment for me?
DERMABON works for most types of Psoriasis, excluding nail Psoriasis and inverse Psoriasis. The application of DERMABON is topical (applied to the outside of your body), meaning you eliminate the need for injections, pills, or uncomfortable creams. This treatment can be used by people of all ages.
4Isn’t Coal Tar very dangerous?
Yes, Coal Tar is a controlled product that has to be used with great caution. If used in large amounts, Coal Tar can produce cancer, this is why the Food and Drugs Administration in the United States has established the hardest standards before they approve public use of products containing Coal Tar. The maximum amount of coal tar allowed in human used products is 5%, and DERMABON has only 3.1% Coal Tar concentration and is FDA Approved! So, it is completely safe to use even for healthy skin and on children’s skin.
5Can DERMABON be delivered to my city or town?
Yes, DERMABON is sold worldwide through UPS, the largest and most reliable international delivery company. With UPS You will get the best service and tracking tools available on the market so you will know where your package is from the time it leaves our warehouse in Mexico until it arrives at your home.

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