DERMABON is a proven treatment to reduce and heal the symptoms of Psoriasis, restoring your skin to a healthy and smooth condition. Its active ingredients along with other moisturizers reduce the raised, red, and scaly patches that appear on the skin, and often lead to 100% recovery when used daily.

DERMABON is NOT a corticoid or corticosteroid and contains absolutely no cortisone. It’s safe for all ages, and provides a more natural way to fight the buildup of Psoriasis lesions.

DERMABON works by cleansing away the old and dry skin layers leaving younger and healthier skin to aide in the recovery process.

By removing one layer of skin at a time, DERMABON eliminates the psoriatic plaque that builds up and causes the raised patchiness of Psoriasis.

As it removes the skin, it also moisturizes as well to gradually soften the psoriatic lesions. With continued use, many patients see significant improvement and even complete recovery within three months!



  1. Generously apply Dermabon on all areas affected by Psoriasis.
  2. Let the foam soak and penetrate the affected area for at least five minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.
  4. Repeat these steps two times daily until the lesions have completely disappeared.

These are some testimonials of people who used Dermabon and experienced amazing results!

“It’s cured 90% of my Psoriasis! After 20 years…”
Juana Ramos López, México

“I been using Dermabon for about four months now, and it’s about 95% gone!”
Edgar Chavez, México

“Personally, it’s provided very good results for me and helped a lot.”
Gerardo Saucedo, México

“For me Dermabon has shown amazing results because in record time it has made my lesions decrease.“
Pepe Rivera, México

DERMABON is available in every country and shipped internationally through UPS.

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