The PSORIASIS Treatment
that can control it
in 3 months or less

DERMABON is a daily use treatment that can restore your Skin Health in a 100%.

Its active ingredients along with other moisturizers reduce the lesion size and thickness until the skin is totally recovered.

Opposite to corticoids and corticosteroids, Dermabon can disappear a psoriatic lesion and allow total recovery for longer periods of time.

It has NO CORTISONE and can be safely used by people of all ages.

The Dermabon action in psoriatic skin is similar to a peeling that some people use to remove one skin layer and recover the youth of a new one.

Psoriatic plaques are chronic accumulations of skin layers and Dermabon removes one skin layer at a time.

It’s moisturizers and active ingredients gradually soften the psoriatic lesion and with the continued use, the size and thickness decrease until finally after 3 months most of the lesion has disappeared.

The Psoriasis Treatment using Dermabon is very simple:

  1. Generously apply Dermabon on all areas affected by psoriasis.
  2. Leave the foam generated a maximum of 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse with abundant water.
  4. Repeat procedure 2 times daily until the lesions have completely disappeared.

This is how DERMABON will work when you use It

DERMABON®  Was clinically tested  among patients with severe and mild psoriasis and the results we found  are outstanding! 93% of the patients reported great recovery after 3 months or less using the treatment.




Watch the opinion of some participants in the Clinical Test practiced at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Medical School in Mexico

“It’s cured in a 90% and I am Very Happy! after 20 years..”
Juana Ramos López, México

“I have 4 months using Dermabon and right now, I have 95% of recovery in the affected areas”
Edgar Chavez, México

“Personally I believe that it is very good and it has helped me a lot”
Gerardo Saucedo, México

“For me Dermabon has shown amazing results because in record time it has made my lesions decrease “
Pepe Rivera, México

canasta-larguitaA full treatment with Dermabon takes 3 months.The average consumption of it is: Mild psoriasis: 1 Dermabon bar / 2 weeksSevere psoriasis: 1 Dermabon bar / 1 week.

IMPORTANT: Dermabon controls very effectively the lesions caused by psoriasis but Does Not cure psoriasis. Once the lesions have disappeared, it is recommended the continued use of it with a lower frequency to keep under control the skin cells that may still appear, and prevent the formation of new psoriatic plaques.

How can you get this treatment?

We have designed 2 packages to offer you 3 months treatments for mild and severe psoriasis.

Using DERMABON® in a disciplined way, You will see how your psoriatic lesions decrease and in 3 months they will be Under Control!

DERMABON is Available in every country of the world, shipped by the international delivery company UPS.






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